I have been harrassed

I am a very buxom, young female coder.I totally use react, native, jnode, ruby and python everyday.
I was at the Recode code event recently and Kara Swisher straight up grabbed my tits.
Then she said she would impregnate me with a turkey baster full of AI semen. She looked at me and said "in the future, there will be no men".

I was horrified! The people standing there clapped and cheered.

I have been trying to login to Twitter to hashtag #methree about this,
but Dorsey’s homeless beard shadowban is in effect.

so I had to break the story at




I am under significant ddos attack by Kara Swisher’s unpaid interns.





I will email you a picture of my tits if you help me.


a confident young female who is currently distressed, but capable of asserting myself in most cases

bcc to superior tech journal

I have been harrassed

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