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Pure Rhetoric

1897 [c.] | On Signs [R] | CP 2.229

In consequence of every representamen being […] connected with three things, the ground, the object, and the interpretant, the science of semiotic has three branches. The first is called by Duns Scotus grammatica speculativa. We may term it pure grammar. It has for its task to ascertain what must be true of the representamen used by every scientific intelligence in order that they may embody any meaning. The second is logic proper. It is the science of what is quasi-necessarily true of the representamina of any scientific intelligence in order that they may hold good of any object, that is, may be true. Or say, logic proper is the formal science of the conditions of the truth of representations. The third, in imitation of Kant’s fashion of preserving old associations of words in finding nomenclature for new conceptions, I call pure rhetoric. Its task is to ascertain the laws by which in every scientific intelligence one sign gives birth to another, and especially one thought brings forth another.

Pure Rhetoric

Goldman vs. Breitbart & Wright vs. Twitter, Costolo, et al.

1. Is Katherine Forrest influenced by Chuck Schumer’s interests?

If web publishers compete with organizations that have relationships to Amy Schumer, would this have had an influence upon Forrest’s burdensome judgement?

2. Will the selective display of content by Twitter be presented as evidence of fraud for users who expected their content to be displayed in regular and ordinary ways?

Especially now that Twitter is being regarded as a public forum and many governmental employees use it to publish.

Shadowbanning or irregular displays of content are occurring on Twitter and have hindered the ordinary expectations of communication by at least one user.
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Goldman vs. Breitbart & Wright vs. Twitter, Costolo, et al.